All fee's go to Badger DAO treasury

Standard Sett Fees:

These fees apply on all Setts on all chains except if noted in the exceptions.

  • 0.5% Withdrawal Fee

    • This fee is taken from the total amount withdrawn upon withdraw.

  • 20% Performance Fee (50% to strategists)

    • These fees are taken during harvest and already accounted for in stated ROIs.


  • The BADGER, DIGG and Uniswap LP setts holding BADGER or DIGG on the Etheruem chain have no fees. All BSC setts charge all standard fees.

  • The Sushiswap LP setts all charge 20% of the harvested and staked SUSHI as a performance fee. Those containing BADGER or DIGG tokens have no withdraw fees. WBTC/ETH has the standard 0.5% withdraw fee.

  • In the Harvest.finance Super Sett: Harvest charges a 30% performance fee in exchange for emitted FARM tokens. Badger harvests these for you, and takes 20% of the FARM as a performance fee. Note that badger does not have control over Harvest performance fees and FARM APYs, these are subject to change. Withdraw fees apply.

Fee Collected

Here is a view of the address where all Sett fees are sent. Note that this may not represent all fees ever collected as the DAO could decide to transferred funds out to support operations or reinvest.

Here is another view of the DAO's holdings: https://daowatch.badger.guru/d/_UPPSJUGk/treasury?orgId=1