Badger Finance
Badger Finance is a community DAO, focused on bringing Bitcoin to DeFi. The DAO's debut products are Sett, a yield aggregator, and Digg, a BTC-pegged elastic supply currency.


    Badger DAO The governance of Badger Finance is managed via an Aragon DAO with a liquid governance token.
    Sett The debut yield aggregator product of the DAO, focused on innovating on the best bitcoin-related yield strategies.
    Digg A BTC-pegged elastic supply currency, based on the Ampleforth protocol.
    Token Distribution The Badger governance token ($BADGER) and the Digg token ($DIGG) will be initially distributed via airdrops for users who have demonstrated an active interest in Bitcoin DeFi and community governance, early contributors to the DAO, and as staking rewards for participation in Sett.
    Assistants Traditional backend services to provide necessary updates to the system. These include oracles, keepers, and system monitors
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